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The journey can only be made with the travel ticket purchased in advance with 2 to 60 days from travel agents or drivers, their validity is 6 months. In Holiday time (Christmas, Easter) we recommend the purchase of the tickets/ reservation of places in advance with 7 days before travel. In case of turn/return tickets it’s indicated the specification of the return date by phone.

For the turn/return tickets we give a 20% discount, these can be bought in anticipation, giving the date of the trip, both the outward and return, for seat reservation. The travelers who cannot specify the date of return are asked to announce the date of their travel 4 days before the travel.  The travelers who possess tickets, but they unduly don’t appear at departure, cannot be transported in other days, and if the bus leaves with unoccupied places, the tickets lose their validity.

The travelers who possess return tickets from Hungary are asked to be present at the place of departure with min. 1 hour before the travel.  In Budapest the vehicles can be found behind the Népliget bus station. Other way the place can be sold. Exceptions are made when our society’s employees are notified by any means about the reason of the delay. (Our phone number: 06-30-3752959).

The traveler can cancel the ticket 48 hours before departure; in this case there is a 10% commission.  In case of canceling one trip, the refunded amount will be the result of the subtraction of the total price of one trip plus the commission.  Returning the price of the canceled tickets in a period of less than 48 hours is possible just in exceptional cases, with the accord of the Company’s management.

Smoking and drinking on the bus are prohibited.

Each passenger has the right to introduce a max. 10 kg hand luggage in the cabin so as not to hamper the travelers and do not block free movement.  Besides the hand luggage, each traveler can request the transport of an 8o x 5o x 3o cm luggage (maximum 25 kg.) The passengers and luggage must be ensured regarding the contracts signed to insurance companies. If an undesirable event occurs, there must be asked for an official report.

Objects forbidden to transport: unaccompanied express goods, live animals, explosive or poisonous materials, weapons, goods in commercial quantities, objects of which removal/ introduction in the country is prohibited.

To compensate the loyalty of our customers, every 5th journey is free of charge, if you show the last four tickets procured and used in the last year.

The company keeps the right to provide transport capacity depending on the number of passengers enrolled.

Have a nice travel.

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